What does rail restoration cost compared to rail replacement?

New/used rails will vary in cost. We have heard quotes of $25,000 up to $50,00+. It can be more or less, depending on the circumstances.

Carriage rail restoration for one set of conventional rails is around $8,000. Contact us for a more precise estimate, as not all rails are the same. Overhead rails are charged a higher rate.

Does the process of rail grinding harm the rails?

In no way does this process damage your existing rails. Carriage rails are made of an alloy throughout and the restoring process does not “remove the hardness” or affect the durability of the rails.

Can rails be ground more than once?

Yes, I have ground rails as many as six times with excellent results.

How long does it take?

Ideally, three days. I can do the job in two days, Saturday& Sunday, if I have clearance to work several hours after shutdown for two or three evenings prior to the weekend to do prep work. This prep work does not interfere with running the carriage.

 What is required of the mill while I am working?

*Shortly after you are shut down and cleaned up and before I begin grinding, I will need a millwright/welder for approximately 3 hours to tack brackets, a sprocket, and a drive motor to your carriage.

*I will also need 480 30 amp power wired in somewhere. I have my own cord.

*The sparks will be contained to a small area as I move up and down the rail. I do watch for small fires, but I require that you have a fire watch assigned also. Most mills already have this in effect as a standard safety precaution.

How do you handle scheduling?

Because we are based in Oregon, we try to schedule work in two broad regions of the US, east and west of the Mississippi River, roughly. It is cost prohibitive to travel from Oregon to the South, East, and Central areas of the country unless we have several confirmed jobs in that combined area. We try hard to accommodate the needs of the mills and we appreciate your patience in this area.

Contact us or check our Facebook page to see where we are currently working and scheduling future work.