George Balsbaugh is a machinist by trade and got his start early working in the family business, where his father designed and manufactured nut harvesting equipment in the Central Valley of California.

In 1976, George moved his family to the Willamette Valley in Oregon where he was employed in machine shops that primarily serve the timber products industry. In the late 1980’s he was involved with a team of innovators, engineers, and machinists developing the in-place carriage rail grinding process. He traveled extensively for this company, performing the highly specialized rail restoration service until April 2000, at which time he purchased the rail grinding business and developed Acculine Rails.

Since then George has spent considerable time refining the process and has custom designed and built the tools needed to work in softwood and hardwood mills. Acculine Rails has brought mills to good-as-new specifications throughout the United States and parts of Western Canada.